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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I've been doing some more trials with (the ever increasingly inaccurately named) pvr.

I attempted an install of Media Portal TV Server 3. I last tried it around 10 months ago. I was hoping it would be improved but I couldn't even get the database to create. So I tried the latest Media Portal SVN instead, but that would not detect my satellite card! Not wanting to troubleshoot at that time, I reverted back to the stable.

Next on the cards was making a partition to install Mythbuntu. Happily, getting TV out working was a breeze. A bit tricker configuring to be readable and flicker free, but I got there. Mythbuntu control panel is not designed for low resolution.

I could not get my satellite card to work in MythTV either, even though the Myth wiki says it is supported. I was not able to do much troubleshooting because whenever I rebooted or reset the X Server, I had to wait 10 minutes to power on. Due to a weird power on issue. On the plus side, the remote kind of worked out of the box. I think I chose the wrong kind of MCE remote in the setup. Overall I prefered the Media Portal method of navigating within videos.

I think I have tracked the power on problems down to a fan cable on the PSU being detached. So hopefully things are more stable. In the process I took the time to image my Media Portal partition on to a bigger hard drive so I am currently without a Mythbuntu install. When I have some time soon I will make another attempt.


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