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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Crystal clear PVR

I am now taking advantage of the FreeviewNZ service.

The quality of the picture is amazing. So much better than the analogue signal I was using. I had to "upgrade" to MediaPortal-SVN and install TVServer3 in order to have easy setup. Stable MediaPortal doesn't have the best interface for setting up satellite TV.

There are a couple of bugs to work out but it's improving all the time. I am now getting the Electronic Program Guide from the satellite feed rather than downloading from the Internet. This is cool because I don't have to keep up with website breakages and timezone offsets.

So far I have been unsuccessful in getting TV streaming to work. I'm either doing something wrong or it's broken in the code. Did a trial of the aerial splitter today. Got signal to the digital tuner but the analogue TV could not see anything. I wasn't sure what to expect, I guess that is it.

My next task is finding a good way of getting a dedicated network connection for the PVR instead of an ad-hoc one. I may end up using a PCI wireless card, or doing some tidy cabling.


  • I've got a dish with 3 LNBs like the ones shown at: http://www.freeviewshop.co.nz/twin-and-triple-lnb-bracket-p-39.html

    Does TVServer3 let you setup DiSEqC or 22KHz switching so you can get channels of the B3 satellite as well?

    By the way freeviewshop has way better info on it than freeviews own site e.g. that TVNZ will be starting its widescreen services on 22 September.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:53 am  

  • TvServer 3 does have much better options for adjusting satellite settings. I do believe DiSEqC and KHz switching are amongst them. I can't check for sure as I am currently not using v3 at present. I got too annoyed buy major bugs and went back to v2 for the meantime.

    I only have a standard Sky dish so I'm not an expert on multiple LNBs.

    I did find the freeviewshop site to be much more informative yes.

    By Blogger I am huge in Japan, at 12:08 pm  

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