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Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have installed a new HTPC, a faster, quieter, smaller one. The details I needed to know before buying the parts and to configure were somewhat lacking on the Internet so I am posting them here for anyone else with the idea or problem.

Computer: Dell Studio Slim
Software: MediaPortal 1.1
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
TV tuner: Avermedia AverTV Satellite Trinity

The Studio Slim is the base configuration and handles 1080p HD fine. It can be a little slow in seeking through the video but playback itself is smooth. SD content seeks quickly. It's fast, quiet and good looking.

To get the Freeview New Zealand DVB-S scanned in I had to use different settings to my Hauppauge Nova S Plus card. MediaPortal settings needed are:

DiESQ: none,
Band: KU Universal
Satellite frequencies: 12456000 and 12483000 with sample rate 22500

Override LNB settings to use: LOW: 11300, HIGH 11300, Switch: 20000

That worked for me. TV playback is smooth and channel changing is quick.

Hope that helps someone.


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