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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Another overview update

1) I made the jump to 64 bit linux with Ubuntu 7.10. It's a really solid release and everything I thought I would have trouble with was not an issue. I installed it as a trial but I think I'll keep it around

2) I had to switch the type of Internet connection I had when I moved recently. It has turned out okay and speeds are acceptable. I was scared it would be close to dialup at times but speed tests put my download speed at just above my last one. Yay.

3)PowerFrank is going well. A couple of times I have used him as a general desktop and the speed while a bit sluggish is not so bad. Better than the G3 Powerbook at least!

4)I am awaiting delivery of a new Mac Mini at work, specced as high as it would go. It will also mean playing with Leopard a bit, but not as my main OS yet.