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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime review and bad experience

I recently bought a Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime to use as a new alarm clock with iPod/iPhone support. It was great until after a couple of weeks when I started to notice sound distortion coming out of the speakers. This happens on all audio inputs so it was not a badly tuned radio station.

I initially thought it might be due to condensation from the winter air because the sound did eventually come right. Upon further investigation I found it is a known fault with 2008 models of the Pure-Fi Anytime. 2009 models had this problem fixed, unfortunately many 2008 models have been sold, they all develop faults. Some people are on their 5th model because they can not source a 2009 model reliably. You can read more about this in a thread on the official Logitech forums here. If your Product ID starts with EA8xxx you are affected, EA9xxx are fine.

I logged a support call with Logitech to attempt to get a new 2009 model sent to me to replace the faulty 2008. I did not want to deal with the online store I received it from initially because it would mean I pay courier costs for a Logitech problem and I could not reliably get the right replacement. The distributor would have to open the box of each Pure-Fi Anytime to check the sticker on the bottom. I explained this to Logitech and they predictably replied saying that I should contact the retailer. He also said that even if they wanted to help me, they couldn't because they have no access to stock. But then Logitech also say that if I have no luck with the retailer to please contact them for help.

When I explained again my reasons why and that I wanted to claim a replacement directly from them under the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act, things started to get weird. The customer service agent, started to lie to me about fictional aspects of the CGA, claiming they only had to help me if the retailer was now closed or if the retailer was more than 100KM away. When I pointed out they were lying to me and demanded an apology, I stopped hearing back. Requests to escalate the ticket to a more senior colleague were denied.

I logged a second job to complain about the bad customer service and things pretty much followed the same tune. The mocking claims that they can't help me but can help me if I try the retailer and don't get a result. It was pointed out that the 2009 models can be identified by their Product ID, a fact they knew I was aware of. 2008 models are still readily available in stores, well into 2009.

I have been put off ever buying Logitech products again. If you are thinking about buying a Pure-Fi Anytime, I especially do not recommend it. You have a high chance of being stuck with a product that is not of reasonable quality and speakers which give bad sound for the first 10 to 30 minutes of use. Not very good for an alarm clock is it?

It is disgraceful that Logitech continued to sell a knowingly faulty product and that they do not stand by their products when a customer complains. Their anti-customer attitude is not acceptable. There should have been no problem with immediately sending out a replacement model. I find it very hard to believe that a company like Logitech does not have access to its own products.