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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Checking in

So a few things have been going on, here's a rundown:

1) PVR had a video driver hiccup and would no longer fit the tv screen, driver update sorted that though.

2) XGL/Compiz is ticking over nicely. A couple of cosmetic updates have happened which has made it nicer

3) Thin Client project is progressing well. Now using KDE Kiosk Admin and after a break this week I should get it sorted. Editing Firefox code is next!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


After much trial and error I finally got the LTSP Thin Clients booting. The last two major stumbling blocks were discrepencies between one line in the two dhcp config files and a folder called 'oldroot' needing to be created. There were still booting errors that were solved by copying the LTSP provided filesystem over the Ubuntu provided LTSP filesystem. No idea what it fixed but all I care is that it worked.

Now I am looking at locking down the desktop/firefox into a kiosk mode. I am going to try the KDE Kiosk Admin tool because it appears to be more powerful than the GNOME 'Pessulus' tool.

At the moment I have Firefox auto closing and deleting private data after a period of inactivity.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New project

I have begun a new project at work. Building linux thin client internet kiosks.

So far it is not going all that great.I am using the LTSP packages. The server DHCP has been telling the clients it doesn't have any ip addresses to give them despite being told about the clients explicitly. I think the trouble is I am trying to work within the greater network conditions. Being a full DHCP server would be heavily frowned upon so I'm trying hard to not upset anything.

Tomorrow I will try it in an isolated network environment with just a 5 port switch. That way I can have whatever settings I want to at least prove the concept - then port it back to the main network.

In home linux news, I am back in GNOME Compizing it up. Just to be different for once I am using the new gnome-main-menu that appears in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. I have found it to be a little inconsistant though - only sometimes showing all my 'favourites'.