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Monday, February 12, 2007

More phone modding.

Yesterday I eventually installed this monster pack for my phone.

I really like it a lot. I wasn't expecting the video recording to be available so it was a nice surprise.

The iTunes is a bit hit or miss though but it does work. I haven't found the right version of iTunes software to talk to my phone so the onboard DB re-creator is what I'm using to import songs. Doesn't always play or sort songs how I'd want them though. It might take some getting used to so that I know what quirks to avoid invoking.

Previously I had tried some fancier ones that had all the latest bells and whistles but they didn't flash properly and crashed a bit.

This Enlightenment theme is cool because it has the same good features, a slick interface and no overly grandiouse startup and shutdown sounds/animations.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


I decided to follow some instructions on Qemu virtualisation with Ubuntu.

I had to read part of it carefully but for the most part it was straight forward and a bit of apt-getting later I had Windows XP booting. It is a little slower than VMWare but less mucking around to get going. I am especially curious about trying the seamless virtualisation options. This is technology that Parallels has been hyping for the Mac lately so I'm pleased to see it available in free open source software.